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We provide room cleaning services.

The cleaner arrives to order completely ready — with professional chemistry and inventory, except for a vacuum cleaner and a stepladder. In our work, we use eco-friendly products for plumbing, glass and mirrors, for tiles, kitchen surfaces and household appliances, stoves, floor cleaner and universal

The cleaning time is individual and depends on the area of the room, the degree of contamination, availability of additional services, etc.
Approximate working hours for maintenance cleaning (1 kitchen and 1 bathroom):
1-room 3 hours
2-room 3 hours 45 minutes
3-room 4 hours 30 minutes

In other words, on average, the cleaner will take 45 minutes for each additional room, and about 1 hour for each additional bathroom.

If the estimated cleaning time is more than 6 hours, we can send several kleeners at once to speed up the task – just specify your request by phone

Can I only order additional services?

Yes, you can. You can choose any number of services without being tied to the maintenance service. For example, you can only order window cleaning, Ironing, or washing dishes if you don’t need cleaning

Are the tools that the cleaner uses safe?

Yes, ISO 90031 for chemicals and household chemicals. The products used are absolutely safe for all people, including Allergy sufferers and children, as well as animals

When you call or email we will arrange a suitable day and time for one of our Cleaners to come and see you and run through the work you require doing.

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